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Some ads about expensive, sharp cooking knives will boast about the many layers of folded steel or the intricate process they go about to make the sharpest cooking knives that are just going to go dull one day. There is no stopping the eventual dulling of even the nicest, sharpest kitchen knives and when that happens, you’re going to reach for the next sharpest kitchen or cooking knife in the house. We designed NÜEDGE knives to be for the average consumer who doesn’t want to go through the lengthy, pricey and annoying process of getting their over-priced cooking knives back to their sharpest. It’s a pain sharpening a knife yourself and takes weeks to get them back from the factory where they’ll be sharpened for a price, to make matters worse, buying a sharp cooking knife to replace your dulled one at the store can be unreasonably expensive. NÜEDGE ’s blades are easily replaceable and take only ten seconds to switch from a dull, dangerous blade to a brand new, ultra-sharp one. No sharpening, mailing, or waiting required; sharp cooking knives from NÜEDGE are ready when you are.

NÜEDGE The Sharpest Cooking Knives in Your Home

NÜEDGE knives produces the sharpest kitchen knives possible by utilizing a ground of 19 degrees. Most blades are ground at 22 degrees, making them less sharp than our sharpest cooking knives. Our materials and production process gives our sharp cooking knives a high amount of strength with a stunning finish that is corrosion resistant. NÜEDGE knives are determined to be the sharpest kitchen knives in your home, not just upon your initial purchase, but time and time again as you do away with the need to sharpen or maintain knives using our revolutionary replaceable blades.

Your Sharpest Kitchen Knives, Time After Time with NÜEDGE

All NÜEDGE’s knife blades are encased in a heavy-duty, bio-degradable cardboard sleeve with a flap tucked in, making handling the blade as safe as possible. When disposing or recycling NÜEDGE re-sposable blades, make sure to put them in the sleeve first and close the flap to keep yourself and others safe while handling the knife blade. When changing a blade, make sure to always keep sleeves on the blades to avoid any hazardous situation. Be sure to save all blade sleeves to reduce risk! We can’t wait to show you the revolutionary new way that NÜEDGE approaches dulling, dangerous blades. NÜEDGE will always be the sharpest cooking knives in your home, and once you experience our product, we’re sure you’ll be a believer in our reliable and ultra-sharp product.

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You’re always going to reach for the sharpest knife in the drawer, and NÜEDGE will always be there for you and your family’s cooking needs. We can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing: an ultra-sharp knife that needs no maintenance and is already ready for use. Interchangeable, re-sposable (recyclable or disposable), versatile and always the sharpest recyclable kitchen knife blades; NÜEDGE knives are the clear choice for all your needs in a cooking knife set. Sign up for the kitchen knife revolution today!

NÜEDGE knives are always the sharpest cooking knives in your kitchen! Get quality kitchen knives that require no sharpening and make great gifts.

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