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When you need a knife for slicing meats and more, look no further than the NÜEDGE kitchen slicer knife. When it comes to having the right slicing knife for cooked meats, large fish, sushi and more, you cannot beat the NÜEDGE slicing knife for being reliably sharp and readily interchangeable. The NÜEDGE kitchen slicing knife is a long straight blade, slightly shorter than your average carving knife so that this cooking knife can allow for smooth slicing knife motions. Watch as the NÜEDGE kitchen slicer knife glides through roasts, hams and more, allowing you to carve paper-thin slices of decadent meat for your guests. With our lineup of cooking knives, we couldn’t go without providing our customers with a knife for slicing and serving, so we designed a blade that would put your old kitchen slicer knifes on the bench. When you feel our ergonomic handle and experience how effortlessly the NÜEDGE kitchen slicing knife makes getting through tough meats, you’ll be convinced that this is the only knife you’ll need.

Kitchen Slicer Knife for Beginners and Pros

No matter where you’re at in your cooking journey, it pays to have ultra-sharp blades that will keep you safe from dangerously dull cooking knives. If your slicing knife isn’t up to par, what should take minimal effort will take twice the time, and that extra effort with a knife for slicing is dangerous. With an exquisitely sharp slicer knife, you should be gliding through your food with ease, and with the NÜEDGE kitchen slicing knife, you’ll be amazed at how simple it can be. When your slicer knife begins to dull, don’t fret. NÜEDGE blades are re-sposable, meaning you can recycle or dispose of them when they’ve become dull and replaceable, so simply pop another kitchen slicer knife blade in and keep up the good work. We are happy to provide amateurs with the ultra-sharp blades they need to get proper techniques down, as well as the professionals looking for a knife they can count on time and time again.

A Kitchen Slicing Knife for Life

The NÜEDGE cooking knife kit includes three different blades for a variety of uses. Our knife for slicing is designed with you in mind, and we are happy to offer the option of a top-quality slicer knife in our line-up. There is no need to ever sharpen any of your NÜEDGE cooking knives, and our slicer knife is no exception. Enjoy gliding through meats and more with an ultra-sharp knife for slicing from NÜEDGE. Making the most of your time in the kitchen starts with quality materials, and the cooking knives from NÜEDGE are a great way to feel inspired and confident about your next culinary endeavor. For a kitchen slicing knife that will have no need for sharpening, trust NÜEDGE knives.

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You’re always going to reach for the sharpest knife in the drawer, and NÜEDGE will always be there for you and your family’s cooking needs. We can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing: an ultra-sharp knife that needs no maintenance and is already ready for use. Interchangeable, re-sposable (recyclable or disposable), versatile and always the sharpest recyclable kitchen knife blades; NÜEDGE knives are the clear choice for all your needs in a cooking knife set. Sign up for the kitchen knife revolution today!

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