Japanese Santoku Chef's Knife

One of the knives you’ll receive in the NÜEDGE cooking knife set is the Japanese chef’s knife, the Santoku. The Japanese Santoku is a multi-use, general-purpose Japanese cooking knife which is known as the “three virtues” or “three uses” knife. These three uses are slicing, dicing and mincing, and the NÜEDGE Santoku chef’s knife is a prime example of a knife that excels at these tasks. A good Santoku kitchen knife should be well balanced, perform its three uses, and be shorter and thinner than the western style of the cooking knife. With the NÜEDGE take on this popular Japanese kitchen knife, food prep will be efficient, allowing you to get to the other steps of your recipes more quickly. The blade of the NÜEDGE Japanese Santoku is easily replaceable when the knife inevitably dulls and can quickly be changed out with a brand new, ultra-sharp blade in seconds.

A New Take on the Japanese Chef’s Knife

The Japanese Santoku is a staple of the Japanese kitchen knife, and we’re bringing this beautiful and super sharp blade to your collection of cooking knives. While some Japanese Santokus can sell for hundreds of dollars, ours is just as sharp at a fraction of the price and has no need for sharpening. If you’re looking for a cooking knife that is versatile, well-balanced, and very sharp, you don’t need to look any further than NÜEDGE’s take on the Japanese kitchen knife. The Santoku really shines when it’s used in a single downward cut without the traditional Western style of a rocking motion. You’ll love how our ergonomic handle feels at home in your hand as our exemplary take on the Japanese cooking knife glides through the veggies and meats that comprise your meal.

Your Home’s Santoku Kitchen Knife

The Santoku chef’s knife is characterized by having a flat cutting edge and a handle in line with the top edge of the blade. It is also common to see the end of the blade having a rounded curve or “sheep’s foot.” Using a Santoku kitchen knife and experiencing the ease of use involved might just inspire you to get back into the kitchen to perfect your Japanese chef’s knife technique to mince, dice, and slice your way into culinary mastery. NÜEDGE knives are proud to support professional and aspiring chef’s everywhere with the sharpest Santoku kitchen knife in the house without ever needing to sharpen. Try the NÜEDGE Santoku kitchen knife along with our two other blades options in your kitchen and be confident in your skills.

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