Kitchen Knife Blade Delivery: Santoku, Slicer & Chef's Cooking Knife Blades

During our KickStarter campaign, NUEDGE knives is happy to offer free delivery to our customers in the United States and with partially subsidized international shipping to those abroad. We believe in timely and cost-effective kitchen knife blade deliveries because when you use a dull blade, you are sacrificing effectiveness as well as efficiency. We want to make sure the enthusiastic customers of NÜEDGE knives get the most out of our product with kitchen knife blade delivery that will keep their knives their sharpest, and therefore the first knife they reach for. Reliable, heavily inspected, and ultra-sharp, our chef’s knife blade delivery, cooking knife blade delivery, santoku knife blade delivery, and slicing knife blade delivery services are all backed by our commitment to ultra-sharp baldes. Keep cooking with professional-grade sharp knives via NÜEDGE’s cooking knife blade delivery system, and worry not about a dull blade getting in the way of great cooking experiences.

Kitchen Knife Blade Delivery for NÜEDGE Customers

Chef’s Knife Blade Delivery:

We offer chef’s knife blade delivery for NÜEDGE customers who are looking for their general-utility knife to be sharp as it can be and on-demand. Perhaps one of the most important tools in the kitchen, our customers rely on speedy chef’s knife blade delivery because the most versatile and well-used tool in the kitchen will dull and be dangerous to cut with eventually. We’re ready to mail out your replacement with a chef’s knife blade delivery from NÜEDGE when you’re ready.

Santoku Knife Blade Delivery

We offer santoku knife blade delivery for NÜEDGE customers who rely on the sleek and sharp effectiveness of the Japanese chef’s knife. Versatile and known for being ultra-sharp for its three important uses, our customers want santoku knife blade delivery because you can’t make sophisticated slices if your santoku has dulled. We are ready to send out your replacement santoku knife blade delivery when yours has dulled and become dangerously ineffective.

Slicing Knife Blade Delivery

We offer slicing knife blade delivery for NÜEDGE customers who want a smooth, even gliding motion each time they use their slicing knife. No one wants to attempt to evenly distribute an important roast, turkey, ham or more with a dulled and ineffective slicing blade, and so we’ll send out a slicing knife blade delivery to you when you need it. Ensure your holiday slicing goes smoothly with the slicing knife blade delivery services of NÜEDGE.

Cooking Knife Blade Delivery for Consistently Sharp Knives

When you order a cooking knife blade delivery from NÜEDGE, you’re guaranteeing a great experience in cooking. NUEDGE knives' ergonomic and slightly textured nylon fiber plastic handle has a somewhat spongy urethane branding insert which adds a comfortable feel to the grip. NÜEDGE knives are the first of their kind, with no need to be sharpened or subbed-out as they come with three distinct styles of blades to meet all your kitchen knife needs. With our cooking knife blade delivery system, you will not need to waste your time with a dull blade ever again. Once you receive your kitchen knife blade delivery from NÜEDGE, it only takes ten seconds to switch out your dulled blade with a new blade from your kitchen knife blade delivery. All knives go dull eventually, and either you spend precious time sending the knife back to the factory to be sharpened, try and sharpen it yourself, or buy another expensive knife from the store. NÜEDGE says “no more” to sharpening; our cooking knife blade deliveries will keep your blade sharp as can be without ever wasting your time.

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You’re always going to reach for the sharpest knife in the drawer, and NÜEDGE will always be there for you and your family’s cooking needs. We can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing: an ultra-sharp knife that needs no maintenance and is always ready for use. Interchangeable, re-sposable (recyclable or disposable), versatile and always the sharpest recyclable kitchen knife blades; NÜEDGE knives are the clear choice for all your needs in a cooking knife set. Sign up for the kitchen knife revolution today!

NÜEDGE knives are always the sharpest cooking knives in your kitchen! Get quality kitchen knives that require no sharpening and make great gifts.

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