Professional Kitchen Knives: Japanese Santoku, Slicing & Chef's Cooking Knives

NÜEDGE knives aren’t only re-sposable, meaning you can recycle or dispose of them when they’ve become dull, they are also interchangeable. When you order a kitchen knife set from NÜEDGE, you’re ordering multiple kitchen knives including a slicing knife, a chopping knife, and a traditional chef’s cooking knife. Our cooking knife sets aim to aid you in whatever task you have in the kitchen with the sharpest knife available. No longer will you have to worry about your slicing knife being too dull to safety work with or if your chopping knife is up to the job of preparing a meal. Your order of a NÜEDGE kitchen knife set comes with everything you need to prepare a beautiful meal with the sharpest knife available.

The NÜEDGE kitchen knife set comes with:


The santoku is the Japanese chef or cooking knife. It is not unlike the chef’s knife in that it is a very versatile chopping knife that can be used as a versatile kitchen knife. The cuts of this kitchen knife are clean and precise, making it as strong a slicing knife as it is a mincing and dicing knife. It’s sophisticated, sharp look will make the santoku one of your favorite knives in the NÜEDGE kitchen knife set.

The Chef's Knife

Known as a general-utility knife, the chef’s knife is versatile in its use, performing well at a variety of tasks. It can be used from mincing to disjoint large cuts of beef and is best for food prepping, chopping, slicing, mincing, julienning, dicing and more. The chef’s knife is an essential part of any cooking knife set, and the NÜEDGE chef’s knife will undoubtedly be one of your most reliable kitchen knives.

Slicing Knife

Known for its long and slender blade, the slicing knife was designed to slice foods into neatly cut, uniform pieces. You will often see a slicing knife being used to cut roasted meats, poultry, hams and more. Holidays are where the slicing knife shines, ensuring the main dish gets perfectly portioned for the guests at the table.

Replacing Dull Blades

Push button on handle to release old and worn blade

Slide blade away from handle and discard or recycle

Slide the base of the new blade into the handle

Your sharp new blade is installed and ready to be used

The NÜEDGE Knife

Interchangeable, versatile and always the sharpest kitchen knives; NÜEDGE knives are the clear choice for all your needs in a cooking knife set. NÜEDGE knives have three different colored handles to choose from, each of which comes with either 3 or 6 interchangeable and replaceable blades. We’ll send your kitchen knives in either a set of three or six including the NÜEDGE chef’s knife, the slicing knife and the santoku blades so that you have all you need to make amazing meals. A sharp knife is a safe knife, requiring less effort, making your cuts cleaner and more precise. All cooking knives get dull, but only NÜEDGE knives ensure you need not worry about sharpening kitchen knife blades again. Simply press the release button found on the back of our ergonomic urethane handle to safely secure a new or different kitchen knives’ blade to make food prep a breeze and eliminate the need to sharpen. Simply switch cooking knives out with our replacement blades that we ship directly to your home. Free shipping is also available in the US!

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You’re always going to reach for the sharpest knife in the drawer, and NÜEDGE will always be there for you and your family’s cooking needs. We can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing: an ultra-sharp knife that needs no maintenance and is already ready for use. Interchangeable, re-sposable (recyclable or disposable), versatile and always the sharpest recyclable kitchen knife blades; NÜEDGE knives are the clear choice for all your needs in a cooking knife set. Sign up for the kitchen knife revolution today!

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NÜEDGE knives are always the sharpest cooking knives in your kitchen! Get quality kitchen knives that require no sharpening and make great gifts.

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