Why we make NÜEDGE knives in Asia

Our earnest hope was to make our knives in the USA. We tried, unsuccessfully, to find a manufacturer who would work with us. The realities we found were
  • only companies selling knives for around the $100 price tag and above have been able to survive in the USA.
  • We did find one company who was still manufacturing knives in the middle of the price range, and when they gave us a price, they wanted more for just a blade (no handle) than we could get the whole knife made for in Asia.
  So, we really tried, but the world economy at this point just doesn’t allow us to produce them anywhere other than in Asia. All I can say is that no matter how much we resisted, the world has changed and we cannot change it back.   The great news is, we have a wonderful connection in Asia! We are working with a Chinese-speaking American who is married to a Chinses woman – his business partner. They live in Yangjiang, China where they have (I kid you not) over 10,000 knife and scissors factories. He has years of experience in the knife production business as a factory representative and also has a line of knives that he sells here in the USA. So, in some ways, we have the best of both worlds.

NÜEDGE knives are always the sharpest cooking knives in your kitchen! Get quality kitchen knives that require no sharpening and make great gifts.

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