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If there’s one product category a company new to the kitchen business might want to avoid, it would probably be knives. Knives come in every shape and size with endless handle and blade configurations, use every metallurgical steel formulation, and to top it all off, there are literally hundreds of competing brand names.. In addition, many brands are entrenched in the market, and homeowners are sometimes so devoted to a particular brand that they’ll try no other. Could a newcomer choose a tougher category to compete in? Yet, that’s the category NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™ is pursuing – the kitchen knife market. However, NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™ is unique in that it has replaceable blades, which is a totally new category in the kitchen knife market. As of this writing, none others exist! A true “world’s first and only” type of product. How rare is that, especially in a category as old as kitchen utensils?   A “never sharpen your knife again” knife for the kitchen market Why wouldn’t homeowners want the same performance butchers and chefs need? That question led innovator Matt Castagna to create NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™. Blades are
  • Replaceable – Just push the blade release button on the butt of the handle, slide out the dull blade, and insert a new ultra-sharp blade, and almost instantly you’re ready to continue your food preparations.
  • Interchangeable – You can insert multiple styles of blades: santoku style, butcher, or a chef’s blade. (More blade profiles are in development.)
  • Recyclable – When blades become dull, repackage them properly for safety’s sake and place them in your recycle bin.
  • Disposable – You can also throw them into the trash, again, after repackaging them properly for safety’s sake. New replacement blades are less than $4 each.
  People love the idea of having a new factory-sharp blade ready at their disposal. Here’s how people deal with their dull blades:
  • One product tester relayed their family’s method of dealing with dull kitchen knives: “We’d have to wait till my uncle came for Thanksgiving dinner each year and he’d sharpen our knives for us.”
  • Another person confided that she just threw out her knives when they got dull and bought new ones.
  • By far the largest contingent of people we talked to confessed that they just hack their way through their slicing, dicing, or chopping tasks, which could be dangerous.
  Breaking into the Market NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™ is entering the market through the implementation of a Kickstarter campaign. Campaign “backers,” as Kickstarter calls them, basically make a pledge/pre-purchase of the product . . . in this case, the NÜEDGE knife™. In return, backers will receive one or more (depending on pledge size) of the NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™. Once the campaign goal is reached and the campaign ends, backer funds are transferred to the inventor from Kickstarter. NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™ will then use those funds to actually make the product and deliver it to each of the product backers.

NÜEDGE knives are always the sharpest cooking knives in your kitchen! Get quality kitchen knives that require no sharpening and make great gifts.

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