10 Reasons You Should Consider Re-sposable (recyclable/disposable) Blade Knives

  1. Peace of Mind: Never again hear, “Dear, will you PLEASE sharpen my knives”!
  2. Safety: You’re less likely to have an accident with a sharp knife than you will hacking your way through your food prep chores with a dull one.
  3. Cost Effective: By the time you figure in postage, waiting in line at the post office, and being without your favorite knives for two to three weeks while they are sharpened, at less than $4 a blade, NÜEDGE blades will save you time and money.
  4. Convenience: Can you identify with this? You’re at home and your friends will be there soon. You are hurriedly preparing the meal when you discover you’ve got a case of the dull knife syndrome. No worries. With a NÜEDGE knife, you can just pop out the dull blade and in less than 10 seconds you are back slicing and dicing with a new factory-sharp blade.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: At present, most people don’t recycle their old knives; they just throw them in the trash—non-biodegradable plastic handles and all. With NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™, you’re able to recycle the metal blades completely detached from the plastic handle. [For safety, make sure to enclose them in the provided cardboard sleeve.]
  6. Save $: Why buy a $150 electric knife sharpener? For that price, you can buy 37 ultra-sharp replacement blades . . . and a stress-free household.
  7. Reduce Hassel: If you are like me, I get frustrated when trying to get a decent edge on a knife. I’ve tried electric knife sharpeners, steels, ceramics, and an old fashioned file, and I’ve always come away disappointed with myself for getting such a lousy edge on my kitchen knives.
  8. Easy Gift Choice: Everyone uses kitchen knives, and who among us doesn’t welcome a nice razor-sharp edge when doing food prep! NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™ make great economical gifts for any occasion: birthdays, Mother’s/Mather’s Day, Christmas. Time-Saving: It takes less than 10 seconds to swap out a dull blade.
  9. Time Savings: It takes less than 10 seconds to swap out a dull blade.
  10. Wave of the Future: Re-sposable blade knives have been around for years in the hunting and fishing markets, but NÜEDGE knives™<\/sup>™™™ ™ are the first to enter the kitchen knife market.

NÜEDGE knives are always the sharpest cooking knives in your kitchen! Get quality kitchen knives that require no sharpening and make great gifts.

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