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Always the sharpest knife in your kitchen!

Replaceable Blades

There is no need to ever sharpen or treat your NÜEDGE knives thanks to our revolutionary replaceable, recyclable blades. 

Maintenance Free

Say goodbye to using dangerous, dull kitchen knives and to expensive knife-sharpening services with NÜEDGE's blade replacement service.

  Sharpest Knives  

NÜEDGE knives produces the sharpest kitchen knives possible with our cutting-edge blade design, quality material, and ultra-sharp blade angle.

Always the sharpest knives in the kitchen without ever needing a sharpening, NÜEDGE Knives makes kitchen cutlery that you’ll want to reach for every time. Say goodbye to dull cooking knives that slow you down and can be dangerous to handle. No need to worry about sharpening again! It might sound too good to be true, but the NÜEDGE knife is the first-of-its-kind, a truly revolutionary way to always have the sharpest kitchen knife in the house at hand. Our re-sposable knife blades can be disposed of or recycled, needing only a new blade to be the sharpest kitchen knife in your home once again. The blades of NÜEDGE knives are also interchangeable, making the switch from a slicing knife to a Japanese chef’s knife or a cooking knife, a breeze. Our commitment as a kitchen knife company is to turn kitchen knife manufacturing on its head by providing our clients with a sharp knife whenever they need it with no sharpening.

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NÜEDGE Knives and The Cooking Knife

NÜEDGE’s knives' ergonomic and slightly textured nylon fiber plastic handle has a somewhat spongy urethane branding insert which adds a comfortable feel to the grip and has a push-to-release button to do away with the dulled blade, allowing a new, ultra-sharp blade to take its place. NÜEDGE knives have three different colored handles to choose from. They each come with either 3 or 6 interchangeable and replaceable blades, each set coming with one handle and a plastic bin to store your extra blades in. NÜEDGE’s knives are the first of their kind, not needing to be sharpening or subbing-out because they come with three distinct styles of blades to meet all your kitchen knife needs. Slicing knife? Check. Santoku, the Japanese chef’s knife of choice? Check. Traditional chef’s knife or slicing knife? We’ve got you covered. Our revolutionary kitchen knife company wants to change the way you use the most important tool in the kitchen, and we can’t wait for you to give it a try.

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A First in Kitchen Knife Manufacturing

Even the most expensive chef’s knife will dull eventually, but not everyone has the time, resources, or know-how to get it back to its original state. Kitchen knife company NÜEDGE wants to know, “why bother?” Sending it back to the kitchen knife manufacturer takes too long. Sharpening it yourself is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and might not produce the results you hoped to achieve. On top of that, some home knife sharpening systems can cost $170 or more to get your Japanese chef’s knife as sharp as it was when you bought it. Face it, even the most expensive santoku or chef’s knife is going to get dull eventually, and a dull cooking knife is a less effective, and even potentially dangerous, kitchen knife. You’re always going to reach for the sharpest knife in the drawer, and NÜEDGE will always be there for you and your family’s cooking needs.

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You’re always going to reach for the sharpest knife in the drawer, and NÜEDGE will always be there for you and your family’s cooking needs. We can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing: an ultra-sharp knife that needs no maintenance and is already ready for use. Interchangeable, re-sposable (recyclable or disposable), versatile and always the sharpest recyclable kitchen knife blades; NÜEDGE knives are the clear choice for all your needs in a cooking knife set. Sign up for the kitchen knife revolution today!

NÜEDGE knives are always the sharpest cooking knives in your kitchen! Get quality kitchen knives that require no sharpening and make great gifts.

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